Update: Sadistic Wizard

Creatures from hell summoned to horrify his helpless victims

Naughty Girls Hell

Akio was a very naughty girl and the Lord of the sex demons was eagerly waiting for a chance to lick her hairless cunt with his burning tounge and to impale her round ass on his demonic dick and to listen to her desperate screams.

Tinas Night At The Graveyard

The idea of having hot sex on a cold grave with this good looking guy made Tina really hot. She had met him in a bar and soon had only getting his dick inside her on her mind. And now she stood here, nude and frightened at this creepy cemetery. She will never leave this place, the undead wont allow her. Who would have thought that zombies and skeletons are into fisting?

Lesbian Shadow

After a dreadful whipping the torturer told her that the worst is still to come. She was afraid that they would rape her know, but instead they left the dungon and she was alone. Despite the pain she drifted away into some kind of slumber till a strange, overwhelming fear alarmed her. The shadow of her slender body suddenly frightened her. Then the shadow stepped out of the wall for a demonic fist fucking.

Aiko In Zombie Hell

Aikos mind was dizzy. Where was she? Why was she dress like a servant girl? This place was awfull and a rotten smell made her sick. She saw a stairway that seems to leed out of this awful dungon but it was too late. A eery screech let her freeze and she realised where the rotten smell came from.